For someone experiencing a salivary gland infection, normal everyday activities like eating and talking can be quite uncomfortable. The most common cause of a salivary gland infection is Sialolithiasis, or salivary gland stones, and our expert salivary gland surgeons in Los Angeles are specialists in the minimally invasive removal of salivary stones to clear up a salivary gland infection. They also perform minimally invasive salivary gland removal for those suffering from chronic salivary gland infections.

Sialendoscopy for Salivary Stones

When a salivary stone, or calcium deposit, forms in a patient’s salivary duct, it impedes the natural salivation process. Oftentimes these stones will clear up or make their way out of the duct on their own. However, sometimes they become lodged in the duct so strongly as to cause discomfort and infection. This can make chewing, swallowing, even talking painful.

When antibiotics and other noninvasive measures do not work, the salivary gland surgeons at the Salivary Stone Center of Excellence can perform a sialendoscopy. Sialendoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure in which the surgeon uses a tiny incision and an even smaller endoscope to clear the blocked saliva duct. Removal of the stone should begin the healing process and the infection should start to clear up. The sialendoscopy is an outpatient procedure with little downtime and it provides great relief to patients suffering from salivary gland infection caused by salivary stones.

Salivary Gland Removal for Chronic Infection

For patients who experience the chronic reoccurrence of salivary gland infections, it may be necessary to undergo a full or partial salivary gland removal. If the source of the chronic salivary gland infection is the parotid gland, our Los Angeles salivary gland surgeons can perform what is known as a micro-parotidectomy, or the minimally invasive removal of the parotid gland. During a micro-parotidectomy, a small incision is made near the ear and the surgeon uses an endoscope to locate and remove the problematic parotid gland.

The more common location of chronic infection is the submandibular glands at the base of the mouth on either side. Our board-certified ENT’s can perform a minimally invasive sialendoscopy in order to remove the infected portion of the gland as well as any salivary stones that may be causing the chronic infection. This procedure is highly effective in eliminating the source of chronic salivary gland infection and improving a patient’s quality of life.

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