Sialolithiasis is the formation of calcified stones in the salivary gland. There are three pairs of major salivary glands in and near the throat and mouth, as well as numerous small salivary glands that secrete saliva. These secretions aid in many crucial processes such as chewing, swallowing, digesting and talking. When a salivary stone (Sialolithiasis) forms, these normal processes are hindered and can present a variety of symptoms.

The salivary stone surgeons at La Peer Health Systems’ Salivary Stone Center of Excellence in Los Angeles are well known for their minimally invasive salivary stone surgery techniques and have helped countless patients regain normal salivary function.

What Are the Symptoms of Salivary Stones?

It is most common for salivary gland stones to be present in the submandibular glands at the base of the mouth, although they can also form in the parotid glands. Unfortunately, many patients who develop a salivary duct stone experience multiple recurring stones, as well as recurring salivary gland infections, or sialadenitis. The most common symptoms of salivary gland stones include:

  • Pain (usually while eating)
  • Swelling of the salivary gland in the face or neck
  • Dry mouth

Patients will experience varying degrees of symptoms,depending on the size of the salivary stone. Some patients will develop calcium deposits in the salivary glands that are so small they never present symptoms and clear up on their own. In more severe cases, however, the stones are large enough to become lodged in the salivary duct.

When this occurs and salivary function is compromised, the resulting symptoms can greatly affect the patient’s quality of life. Dry mouth, in particular, can be quite uncomfortable and may make simple tasks like eating, talking and swallowing very difficult. If you are experiencing the symptoms of salivary gland stones, contact our salivary gland experts to find out which treatment option is right for you.

Sialolithiasis Treatment Options

The salivary gland surgeons at the Salivary Stone Center of Excellence are experts in performing minimally invasive sialendoscopy. Sialendoscopy is the procedure in which the salivary gland stone is removed. The surgeon uses a tiny endoscope to enter the duct, find and clear the salivary duct of the calcium deposit(s) and stones and restore normal saliva function. This outpatient procedure requires minimal downtime and often brings relief to the patient right away.

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